Michael Finney Publishes Exploring Our National Parks Volume 1 on Amazon

“Exploring Our National Parks Volume 1” takes readers through nine parks around the United States through the eyes of author and documentarian Michael Finney.

This is Mr. Finney’s second book he has self-published via Amazon. “I think that being able to get something in print as a developing author is critical. While I respect the industry as a higher rung of achievement for writers, getting those gates to open can be very resource intensive”, he said before adding, “It’s wonderful to release this into the hands of folks that are interested in reading the words or looking at the images right now.”

This project started years ago when the author began traveling the country and visiting these locations while working or taking time off. After sharing images online over the years and writing about the experiences in blogs, Michael decided to gather up the entries and attempt to craft a larger narrative from them. “Creating this book has been a very natural process as well as very personal. I believe people need to visit these spaces to internalize nature for their self”, he said.

Purchase a copy here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08P4QZW6C/

Look for future releases in coordination with this book soon.



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