Michael Finney Releases “Exploring Our National Parks, Volume 1” Video Series on Gumroad

Michael Finney
1 min readOct 8, 2021

“Exploring Our National Parks, Volume 1” takes viewers into five parks around the United States via the camera lens, words, and sounds of author Michael Finney. The series is now available via the content distribution platform Gumroad for $6.

Finney remarked, “It has been great to expand this project and find channels to continue releasing components related to ‘Exploring Our National Parks’. I’m really pleased to be making these videos available to fans of the project because it includes the most comprehensive vision of my experiences in those parks.”

This project started years ago when the author began traveling the country and visiting these locations while working or taking time off. After sharing images online over the years and writing about the experiences, Michael decided to convert the collections into a video series. “Creating this series has been a very natural process as well as very personal. I believe people need to visit these spaces to internalize nature for their self”, he said.

Purchase here: https://mdf365.gumroad.com/l/National-Parks-V1

Look for future releases in coordination with this book soon.